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Why Placed N Laced?


We take pride in our beautiful hair that comes from Southeast Asia and is cut from one donor, followed by weft and cleanse. When you receive our hair, it
will smell like shampoo and conditioner even after several washes because no chemicals are used at any point of the process. Women who live in Southeast Asia follow a simple lifestyle, meaning they rarely straighten or process their
hair. Their dietary intake is full of vitamins and minerals, which reflects in the quality of their hair. Lastly, our bundles come as double weft, which results in very little to no shedding.

Our Textures

We offer a diversity of textures such as natural straight and wavy. Natural curly and loose wavy will be available on our site soon. Our hair is soft, fine, and has a silky texture. It is also extremely lightweight and mixes well with your natural hair to help you feel comfortable when wearing it. Our hair extensions suits all natural hair textures, providing a natural flow and movement.

Raw Culture

Our bundles are Raw, meaning they are unprocessed and are 100% human hair. This brand of hair is known to be the purest and most natural form of hair in
the market. The hair is also from a single donor. Each strand of hair faces the same direction not causing any tangling. With unprocessed hair, you get a better color application. Another advantage is that unprocessed hair lasts longer than processed hair; this way, you get a greater value, as it is not damaged hair.

Natural Wavy

Incredibly realistic, high-quality raw hair that closely mirrors the texture, shine, and movement of natural human hair. Designed to offer you a seamless blending experience, enhancing your style without any noticeable differences from real hair.

Lightening & bleaching

When bleaching, it's better to start with thick and healthy hair, or in other words, unprocessed hair for the best results. Unlike remy or processed hair, our raw bundles can be bleached to the color 613 Blonde.

Straight RAW!

Get "Straight Raw" with us! Our straight raw bundles have been one of our best sellers, similar to all of our other textures, this hair is thick from root to tip, double weft, and produces little to no shedding! If you are looking for long, strong, and bone straight bundles, you have come to the right place!


Placed n Laced

Whether you’ve struggled to grow your hair past a certain point or want to look and feel incredible for a special occasion, we believe everyone deserves to have the hair of their dreams. Our commitment to delivering and unbeatable customer experience is priority.

Beautiful hair is only the beginning, we’re committed to giving you the total package: exceptional, customer service, transparency, and confidence. Our mission is to help women look and feel beautiful every day. Because we are.